Spanish Food Restaurant

New York, NY

Are you looking for the best Caribbean food take out in New York City? Are you looking to spice up your evening with a little foreign food that's quick, easy, and absolutely delicious? Have you been dying for some Spanish food? Well look no further than Harlem Karibe Restaurant & Catering. We feature a wide variety of Caribbean food including Haitian food, Jamaican food, and even some Spanish style food for your tastebud delight. We offer fast and convenient takeout service in Harlem, as well as delicious and expedient catering service.

Harlem Karibe Restaurant & Catering is your go to Spanish food restaurant and Caribbean food take out offering the most savory amazing tassot and fritaille that you will salivate over. We provide the most expedient of services, in a friendly manner, and the best food in Harlem. We offer simple meals of vegetables and meats to those looking for a light meal to the more filling, fried foods. Our foods come in a variety of spice levels to get you nose running and eyes watering only so much as you want them to run and water.

We here at Harlem Karibe Restaurant & Catering offer you the absolute best service in the most flavorful Caribbean and Spanish food restaurant in Harlem. Our food is authentic and mouth watering. Eating our food can be like entering into another place, so whether the winter has got you down and you want a holiday retreat in Haiti or your summer's been too busy to take that yearly holiday to Jamaica and you'd like to step into the island with some amazing foods while eating at the comfort of your air conditioned apartment, come on in to New York's best hot spot for Caribbean food take out today. We're open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 11pm and Sunday from Sunday 11am to 10pm.