Caribbean Food Take Out

Bronx, NY

Are you hanging out in the Bronx and thinking man, I'd really, really love some authentic Caribbean food that's served to order and ready for me to eat quickly? Are you planning the next office do and thinking to yourself that man the last two catering companies you've tried have been dull and largely a disappointment to the staff of your company and you would like to use a catering company that offers a variety of foods that aren't common here in America, maybe with a little Caribbean flavor to get your team or staff a little holiday in there mouths? Are you searching "Jamaican food near me" right now because you've had this craving for Jamaican food for the last thirty days that just won't leave you alone and you've just got to finally indulge this hankering before it gets out of hand? We've got just the type of thing you're looking for right now here at Harlem Karibe Restaurant & Catering. We are a top quality Caribbean restaurant in NY just waiting for you to come and try our fritaille today.

We are a full service restaurant with a take out option and we cater parties and events of all shapes and sizes with our amazing variety of Caribbean foods. Your guests or employees will not leave this party dissatisfied with the delectable spread at your next event. Harlem Karibe Restaurant & Catering offers an authentic experience that uses fresh vegetables and meats for our meals. We have a top quality chef who's always up for making the absolute best food for you. So if you're looking for the best Caribbean restaurant in NY that serves amazing and authentic Jamaican food near you in the Bronx, stop in now to order something fabulous. We're open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 11pm and Sunday from Sunday 11am to 10pm.